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1. when you want to get someone's attention, you will say
2. when you want to check someone's understanding, you will say
3. a: wow your picture is amazing!
4. when you give your opinion, you will say
5. when you ask someone's opinion, you will say
6. a: what's your opinion about the novel?
b: the novel is very good.
7. when you show your appreciation of something, you will say
8. mother : you got a good score. excellent! that's my girl!
rina : ..
9. a polite remark that you say to someone to show that you like their appearance, appreciate their
qualities, or approve of what they have done is definition a
10. a: he is a lazy boy. don't you think so?
b: yes, i ​

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Jika gravitasi di bulan 1/6 gravitasi bumi dan berat benda di bumi 980na. berapakah massa di bumi jika g bumi 9,8n/kgb. berapakah berat benda di bulan​
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Buatlah kata dengan (+), dan jawabanya "make a simple present tense" 5 kalimat
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Showing care untuk you are do beautifull
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Bgaimana doa buka dan tutup saat belajar dalam bahasa inggris
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Apakah Anda tahu jawaban yang benar?
1. when you want to get someone's attention, you will say
2. when you want to check someone's...


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