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16. what expression/s does he use to check for un-
a. "is it okay so far and have you got that?
b. "is it okay so far? ' and 'i am following you.'
c. be sure to ask if you have any questions
and "have you got that?
d. 'i am following you' and "have you got
read the text and answer questions 17-20.
the basic operation of digital camera
you need:
• a digital camera
• an object
follow the steps below to take pictures:
1. hold up the camera and center the object in the
2. move doser or use the zoom control for the re-
sult you want.
3. when you are ready to take the picture, hold
the shutter halfway. it is important, so the camera
sets the focus, shutter speed, and various other
calculations. this may take few seconds.
a light should appear that lets you know the
camera is set to go. press shutter all the way
source: uan 2010
17. what does the text tell you about?
2. how to take pictures using a digital camera
b. how to use a digital camera properly.
c. how to turn off the icd of the camera.
d. how to manage a digital camera.
8. where can you see the picture of the object in a
digital camera?
a. on the zoom control
b. in a camera
c on the view finder.
d. in the lcd.

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16. what expression/s does he use to check for un-
a. "is it okay so far and...


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