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mr. roni: go straight on this street and then
turn left. the store is on your
6. get away! the truck
a. is speeding up
b. speeds up
c. sped up
d. was speeding up
a. would you go to the bookstore?
h could you show me where the bookstore 7. a. look! those doves
c. should i go to bookstore by bus?
the suitable word to complete the sentence is
d. will you follow me to the bookstore?
andriana : where can i find the post office
a. is flying
b. flew
ms. jana : go down this road and
c. are flying
a. take turn left on the second
d. has flown
b. turn second left
8. the class is deserted. the students home.
a. go
c. take the second turning on the left
have gone
d. turning left
c. have been going
3. james : do you know how to get to
d. are going
the stadium?
9. we usually the drama once a week and we
policewoman: go straight ahead, and then
for the show now.
the incorrect answer is
the suitable words to complete the sentence are
a. turn right c. take right
d. right turn
b. go right
practices - are preparing
b. practice - is preparing
4. wulan : look, the temple is very big.
c. practice -- were preparing
dika :
d. practice - are preparing
a. how a magnificent temple!
10. upik : i cannot find my pen.
b. what a magnificent temple!
asraf : in the drawer?
c. how the temple is magnificent!
a. do you look for it
d. what magnificent it is!
b. will you be looking for it
5. it hard when we up this morning.
a. raining - getting
d. did you look for it
b. rained - were getting
c. was raining - were getting
d. was raining - got

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Change the verb in the brackets into correcs into correct from(simple present tense) 1. we (have) many friends . they (be) good and clever 2. mr. joko (not smoke) cigarette smoking(be not) advantageous 3. i and my friend (walk) to school. it (be) very near with our houses 4. do you (go) to school by bus?
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mr. roni: go straight on this street and then
turn left. the...


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