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9. saat penerimaan siswa baru banyak
orang tua dan calon siswa baru ber-
datangan. meja panitia dikerumuni.
orang yang meminta informasi.
kalimat poster yang tepat sesuai
dengan ilustrasi adalah
a. buanglah sampah pada tempat-
b. jagalah kebersihan sejak dini!
c. belajar dari sekarang senang di
masa datang!
d. hindari diri dari narkoba supaya
bahagia! ​

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What is the definition of invitation? a. it is a text that dan be used to ask people to do something.b. it is a request whether spoken of writen to participate or be present or to take part in something or an event.c. it is an adverrtisement of a product so that customers will be attracted to buyd. it is an explanation of scientific phenomenon that happens recentlye. none of the above​
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Siti: "hi dayu, have you taken any medicine, yet? "dayu: "yes, i have. but it only a little."siti: "maybe you just have to take some rest in order to get wellsoon."dayu: "you are right. in fact, i have been to the toilet many timestoday."edo: "poor you. you need to drink a lot of water so that you willnot get dehydrated."dayu: "this is a good lesson for me. i never care about what i eat."udin: "right. guys, don't forget to wash your fruits and vegetablesbefore you eat them so you will not take any germs intoyour tummy."dayu: "yes, boss. you are right. we should always clean our foodwell. i should be more careful now."lina: "dayu, you look very pale. i think you need to see the doctorsoon in order to get . don't take diarrhea lightly."dayu: "no, of course not. actually, my mom is on her way from theoffice to take me to the hospital."siti: "good. we'll you to get ready now."tolong translate ke bahasa indonesia​
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@sofie88/hd-watch-pose-season-2-epi sode-10-online-full-on-free-series- finales-530572463cd5
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1.when adele is breaking the window.adele : "i am sorry for breaking the window."mother : 2.when a student is coming late to the class.student : "i am sorry for coming late because i miss the bus."teacher : "3.when he failed math examination.: "i'm sorry mum, dad. i failed the test."parents : boy4.when a child destroyed your beautiful painting.a child : "lam terribly sorry for breaking your painting."you5.when linda is stepping on liza's foot.linda : "i am really sorry for stepping on your foot, liza."liza​
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9. saat penerimaan siswa baru banyak
orang tua dan calon siswa baru ber-
datangan. meja pa...


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